roça da cidade


Roça da Cidade is an artisanal cheese producer in Serra da Canastra (most famous cheese producer region in Brazil) with over 20 years of tradition. The branding strategy focused on the rustic mood of the farm and the artisanal production processes of its cheeses.


The objective was to value local production and craftsmanship, exploring the rustic mood of the place. In addition, the idea was to create a project within the universe of cheese producers in Serra da Canastra that would be distinguished by its strong professional and aesthetic aspect, aimed at a demanding public that values design.


The execution was based on the principle of artisanal production. The typographic construction aims to unite rustic craftsmanship, inspired by strong letterpress types, with manual brush calligraphy. For the symbol, we started from an icon recognized in the environment of the farm, the ‘rooster wind spinner’, and replaced it by the bird ‘Maria Preta de Penacho’ (one of the most found in the region), which brought a unique and local aspect to the composition. The bird finds support in the figure of a yellow circle (cheese), which can also be interpreted as a sun or a full moon, and which gives prominence and gains the status of a symbol. All the brand’s touch points value local production from the use of artisanal and rustic materials, such as uncoated paper, kraft paper and wood.


In addition to the packaging of the cheese itself, a shopping bag, a mailing box and a coffee packaging were also designed.