casa beta


Casa Beta is an online course platform whose mission is to inspire and teach women to incorporate creativity into their lives through carefully curated content that encourages women to learn new skills. Always offered by talented women who are passionate about what they do, classes cover the areas of business, photography, fashion, art and design.


Our goal was to strengthen female empowerment through creativity, always valuing authenticity and inspiring women. We did this through a branding project with a strong visual language, based on collages, in order to explore the various nuances of creativity and the courses offered.


The idea of the name came from the technological universe, where Beta is something in constant development and experimentation, as well as the proposal of the platform in the lives of women. In addition to being a phase of improvement in the digital environment, in which creativity and new alternatives are always welcome, the term itself is feminine, even sounding like a nickname for a woman. The term Casa (home) was added to complement and create the feeling of a free learning environment, always welcoming and familiar.