área de serviço


Área de Serviço (laundry room, in portuguese) is a digital content producer that has undergone an internal restructuring of processes and services. The redesign process was necessary to reflect this changes and convey the new concepts.


Its previous symbol was very literal and had a childish, playful and unprofessional mood, while the services offered were the opposite of that. Focused on the mission of positively surprising the customer and solving their problems in a creative way, the new visual identity brought dynamism, professionalism and a touch of boldness and creativity from the use of new proprietary elements for the brand’s visual language.


To avoid a complete break with the previous logo, we chose to simplify the symbol, keeping the same color palette. The logo elements were broken down, keeping only those essential for communicating the concept. The overlapping of the washing machine with the lens of a camera, which used to be very literal, became subtle, but striking. The typology was redesigned to simulate a distortion in water.

visual elements

With a scanner, we digitalized different shapes of foams and bubbles. The clothing tag icons as graphic elements and the symbol itself in motion (with the movement of water forming several unique symbols) brought dynamism to the brand and contributed to the contemporary, creative and dynamic mood of the new identity.